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Kai-Fu Lee Chairman & CEO of Innovation Works

January 10, 2011

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Dr. Kai-Fu Lee Chairman & CEO of Innovation Works 

Request WI to request your Government test a temporary trial adjustment regarding WI doing business only in China. I have enclosed a simple outline of a learning business plan that might be able to test both China and the USA  about being serious regarding trust.  The plans commitments are large enough to make China think hard and serious enough to have Americas trust China at “Mexico’s” America border.

The above subject is based on what I saw January 10, 2011 while viewing “Defense Secretary Robert Gates China Trip Preview” @ The Nixon Center.  www.c-span.org  Panel allegiance and audience questions.

The very first question from the audience showed that China is correct when it sends Diplomats to a Security Defences meeting and USA is wrong sending Military Leaders.

To me, the audience, and the panel members seemed to understand that having only military connected panel members talking about China and Robert Gates would therefor favor Robert Gates over China.
Then the questions started involving Cyber Capabilities and trust in business. I decided to write you and share my relevant business Idea. Saw your twitter message.

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68


Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68
PO Box 120707,  38995 North Bay Drive
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

World Wide Mexico American Border Wall Game = Jobs creating Free Electric + Much More

Realistic Internet Game attempts to resolve why and how different *thinking is causing world problems by creating a living self sustainable Free Electric Mexico American Learning Border Wall. Game has different countries building and living inside this sometimes very wide technological  Learning Wall.   Players create the Wall and must be REALISTIC using today’s technology and mindfull of the ever changing technologies.

Keep the programing construction of the game very simple.  So simple that copy, cut, and paste is about the only skills a program builder  needs.  The reason for this is so those like me with limmitted to no programing skills can help build the game or build another part of the game.  Learning how to build the game is 50% of the game. Learning how to build parts of the game is also teaching how to build the real parts of the Learning Wall.  Also learning how to build the things used to live in and around the Wall.
Photovoltaic (PV) panels that can store electric in batteries.  The batteries can then operate electric generators.  The generators electric heats coils that are rapped around pipes.  The generators electric also operates  pumps.  Pumps that punp sea water through pipes.  Generators and batteries provide electric for EVERY else.
Programer understands the arrangement of the working parts inside of an inverter which is called its “topology”- the configuration of the varios electronic components that allow it to produce an AC waveform from a DC source. 

And more example:
Transistor, Rectifier, Transformer, Capacitor, Inductor, Control Board = The “Brain” of the inverter...

The first possibility is flipping the thinking of American Politicians.  The wall is build on the Mexican side of the Border with help from China and others.  Large sections inside the wall are farms, towns, etc, etc., etc.,

More help form China and others?  China just started a mandatory draft January 7, 2011, for 2 or 3 years for both men and woman.  Get drafted or get 5 years in jail.

One point Very simply said:  All Fresh water and Electric energy is FREE because Photovoltaic PV panels convert the Sun’s rays into Free Electric. This Free Electric energy heats the sea water while it is being pumped through the heated bigger MAIN  pipe.  The heated main pipe is so hot it changes the sea water into steam.  The steam which is salt free then rises out of drilled holes running along the upper side of the main pipe. These drilled holes are connected  to smaller pipes which I call steam pipes.

This first section of the connected steam pipes extends about two feet high above the main pipes upper side. Then a second section of steam pipe is connected to the first steam pipes extend end. This second section is about 4 feet long and gently turns back down allowing the steam to cool into salt free water.  Or the steam could be used to power a generator and then cool and turn back into salt free water. Either way the fresh water goes back into a larger pipe and punped to where needed or stored.

Photovoltaic PV panels can store electric in batteries that operate electric generators.    This live in Learning Border Wall is also on a Grid that can share electric. Grid is part of railway system the runs along the LW’s entire 2,000 mile length.
Themes:  Non Fiction, and encourage learning Internet hidden controllers, subliminal messaging, and the Learning Wall’s environmental effect on preexisting thinking about Governments, Love, Violence, Sex, Drugs, Entertainment,  Religion, and Humor.   Extra game points given for creative use of humor. .

Just a few PAY Possibilities for us the GAMMERS or CREATORS or writers or whatever.
    **World Wide = www.recovery.gov 
    Map Example:  http://www.recovery.gov/FAQ/Developer/Pages/otherWidgets.aspx    
    Veterans = www.hireheroesusa.org = fellowship money $

Point of the game is to create the game in such away that the Gamer and or the game itself motivates the  creation of a REAL Learning Wall.  

I like the idea of China and “partners” right here on the Mexico and American border.  I personally challenge myself and China’s Communist government style to see if we are smart enough to put up a Free Electric Learning Border Wall on Mexico’s side of the border.  Free rent for duration of the building of the Learning Wall = 15 years.  Then 99 more years free rent.  Then all is given to Mexico or rented again.
www.en.chuangxin.com  invest@chuangxin.com

Neuroeconomics,  A relatively new field examining the brain bases of economic decision making.
*Theory of mind:  The understanding that other individuals have different thoughts and knowledge than you.  Example: Theory of mind is most frequently used as a term in child development.

Suggestions and or rewards respectfully accepted. Send to:
Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68
PO Box 120707
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315     Phone 909-866-9310,  cgmueller4u@charter.net



Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68
PO Box 120707,  38995 North Bay Drive
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

Phone: 909-866-9310



“Ascending Cloud”: A game publisher built on proprietary technology for developing and publishing social and web games for over 30 countries.  To achieve this, we will work together with a Chinese social game company which has demonstrated international sophistication and hire the best engineers to overcome technical challenges.


Realize your entrepreneurial dreams, start-up with Innovation Works!

At Innovation Works (IW) we aspire to be your partner of choice in starting your own company.

With the program that suits you best.

We have built three distinct incubation programs for entrepreneurs who want to start-up a consumer internet, mobile internet or cloud computing business in China:

    * Acceleration, our main incubation program for experienced Founders with a clear business idea, with a product prototype and an initial team already in place;
    * Jump-Start ,  our structured, educational, 3-month program for small teams of young, first-time entrepreneurs with an interesting product idea; and
    * Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR), our program for experienced individual professionals, who are just starting to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions.

What You Can Expect From Us
Led by Lee Kai-Fu , at IW we have brought in the best early-stage-minded professionals to give you and your team support in many ways.

IW will use its unique industry network and resources to help you form the best start-up team, find strategic partners and develop your target market. You can count on the expertise of the professional business team at IW to assist you in strengthening your product strategy and business plan.

We have also created an extensive network of mentors and a corresponding program of mentoring sessions that is available to you and your teams. In addition to all these,

IW will also give you support in recruiting, in registering your company as well as in other legal and accounting matters, in technology and product issues, and in marketing.  Everyone at IW is “hands-on” and has the passion and appetite to help you get started for the long road ahead.

IW will provide you and your team with:

1.  Working space in a great start-up environment.

2.  Incubation services and some seed funding.

3.  It will also open the door for you to the early stage investment community in China and abroad,
    3a.  Including IW’s own captive fund.
    3b.  The Innovation Works Development Fund (IWDF ).

Once we are in, we are in it for the lifetime of the company, fully aligned with the interests of the entrepreneurs and their team.

At IW we strongly believe in the merits of real incubation but we do not believe in excessive “micromanagement” or a “hand-holding” type of incubation, as this is contradictory to the very nature of entrepreneurship. While we will help you get started in a lean and efficient way with real assistance as well as guidance and advice, you and your team will still need to take the lead and be involved in all day-to-day operational matters of your company. After all, this is your own company, your idea, your product, your own entrepreneurial dream.

What We Expect From You
In order to preserve the quality of incubation and the personal nature in our start-up environment, every year IW will be incubating a limited total number of start-ups in its three programs

This is why at IW we want to work with the very best.

We are looking for the most talented entrepreneurs and project teams in the consumer internet, mobile internet and cloud computing spaces. We will only bring in Founders and project teams that work very well with each other, that can demonstrate their ability to build great products and services, that have good business sense and that understand their target market(s).

Above all we want to work with entrepreneurs and project teams that are passionate but humble, persistent but patient and committed for the long road ahead, as start-ups are indeed a marathon race, not a 100m sprint.

On your marks, get set, go!